Nationwide New Heights® fixed indexed annuity

Choose a new path for your retirement future

Protect and grow your retirement savings

Many individuals planning for retirement today face a dilemma: in today’s low interest rate environment, how do you protect the money you’ve worked so hard for while continuing to grow your savings? A Nationwide New Heights fixed indexed annuity can help you potentially accumulate assets for retirement and protect your savings from downside market risk.

  • Capital preservation – Regardless of how the index performs, your premium and credited earnings are protected from downside market risk1
  • Accumulation – New Heights offers multiple indices and strategy options to provide growth potential in a variety of market environments
  • Two optional riders can provide enhanced opportunities and additional guarantees:

Riders are optional, available for an additional cost and must be elected at contract issue. Only one rider may be selected.

1 Please note that the optional rider charge will reduce the value of the annuity contract.